Sconces + Wall Lights

Question: How to choose the right wall light for your space

Answer: When choosing the right wall light for your space, there are several important factors to consider:

Purpose and Functionality

  1. Ambient lighting - Wall lights can provide overall, soft illumination to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in living rooms or bedrooms.
  2. Task lighting - Wall-mounted fixtures like adjustable swing-arm lamps or picture lights can offer focused, direct lighting for specific tasks like reading, grooming, or illuminating artwork.
  3. Accent lighting - Wall lights can highlight architectural features, artwork, or act as decorative accents themselves.

Room Size and Layout

  1. In small rooms, opt for compact, less obtrusive wall lights spaced apart to avoid visual clutter.
  2. Larger rooms can accommodate bigger, more ornate statement wall lights.
  3. Consider the height - wall lights are typically installed around 5-6 feet from the floor for optimal lighting

Style and Decor

  1. Classic sconces with ornate details suit traditional or vintage-style interiors.
  2. Modern fixtures with clean lines and geometric shapes complement contemporary spaces.
  3. The finish (brass, black metal etc.) and shade material should coordinate with the room's color scheme
  4. Bathrooms and outdoor areas require damp/wet location rated fixtures.
  5. Adjustable arms or dimming capabilities offer versatile lighting control.
  6. Note proximity to electrical outlets or plan for hardwiring if needed.

By evaluating the purpose, room dimensions, style preferences, and practical needs, you can select wall lights that provide both functional lighting and aesthetic appeal tailored to your space.